Flash game Christmas Tree Picking

Christmas Tree Decoration

The most beautiful decorations imagine for your Christmas tree!

We are a few days of the famous Christmas party and you still do not have fir. Keep moving to the seller fir closest Christmas and begins decoration of your Christmas tree!

Once arrived at the merchant fir, you need to choose the most beautiful green tree in the store, which with some sparkly decorations will turn into superb Christmas tree. Hoping that this is the most beautiful you've ever not had. Begins by making a small site visit, carefully examine every angle firs, should your tree is young, strong and healthy. Once you have made your choice, you can ask the merchant to cut the tree to bring home. You can also choose the way of cut out your tree begins with the chainsaw, completes the finishing touches to the ax and shortened a little branches with pruning shears.

Then it remains only to find you a very pleasant and cozy place in your living room to accommodate your tree. Once up, you can start a dress with your favorite Christmas decorations. Selected from a wide varieties of beads, Christmas balls, beautiful sparkling garlands in many colors and different shapes, sweets, spicy buns and other small accessories like Peres Noel everything you will envy.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

How to Play Picking a Christmas Tree?

This game is currently only a mouse.

To accomplish the various REQUESTED shares, you just click the icons that match the action. At the end of the game, you will have the opportunity to save and print the final result of your beautiful decoration.

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