Flash game Flooded Room

Flooded Room, intriguing game escape

escapes you and save your skin in Flooded Room, a harrowing escape game! Pr adorn yourself to live an incredible adventure in a Flooded Room Escape game and r flexion that will immerse you in state of stress. The scenario of the game is the following: the news has made tl tat of a bloodthirsty killer who kills his victims by drowning them in a room. The assassin starts by removing the drug and to make them sleep until morning. Police has asked people to be very vigilant and report any behavior or anyone who looks suspicious.

This morning you will r watches with a sore head very terrible in a strange room. Stupor you of coverings on the computer screen a message that you announced that you'll be the next victim of the killer s series. While not included on the long list of victims, you'll have to scramble to only trying to find more clues that will allow you to get you out of this nightmare. In addition you must be very fast because the water rises little by little and you may drown and to lectrocuter if water reaches the electrical circuit. Search every nook and cranny of the room to find a cl or an object that enables you to get out alive from this.

Until pr feels there's never been a survivor. How to play a Flooded Room? The game is played with mouse only. You really have to look everywhere.

Everything that you need is in the room and you try any obligation to find a way to stop the leak. No people time, click all places as possible and get out of this hell before finishing as other kidnapp s. Flooded Room is a very int esting game that could even be ranked in the category of cat of riddle game so the stakes are high. Will you manage to get out of it?

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