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Assists in the preparation of Ayla birthday meal.

And if the greatest gift we can do for a birthday, it was a surprise? Help Ayla surprise her best friend for her birthday feast. Ayla is a girl, passionate in cooking from an early age.

For that special day, she need your help, whether at the decoration, hanging balloons, set the table or in the kitchen, choose the dish and prepare the ingredients. Follow carefully the advice you give Ayla in each of steps revenues. Learn while you have fun cook delicious burgers, mini pizzas, an exotic punch and a cake with strawberries. At the beginning of each preparation the start by choosing your basic ingredients. Eg for recipe burgers, it is important to select a good piece of meat beef, a spicy sauce, salt and pepper. You start by cooking your steaks on a hot grill.

Am careful to return the steaks so they are not too Crames. Then you can go on step breads, do warm breads baked by filing a slice of cheese on each slice of bread. The cheese will automatically fall on the bread which give it a unique taste. After the baking step, you can enchainer with step assembly.

Put your steak on a slice of bread heated beforehand, and starts a season your way inside the burger. Slips a lettuce leaf between the steak and the second slice of bread. The preparation of hamburgers is finished, you can now move on to the tasting.

You can accompany your meal with home fries for big appetites, in all cases, you will spend a great time with friends.

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