Flash game N Banana Almond Hair Mask

N Banana Almond Hair Mask a hairdressing game for girl reveals you the secrets of beautiful hair

D covers a new way to beautify their hair with the game N Banana Almond Hair Mask! Marie is a passionate girl By the hair and beauty products that are found in all major salons. She knows several tricks to highlight her hair and give them the shape they want. Today, she will show you how to make his tincelants soft hair with a lotion-based banana and fresh fine. To begin, you will have to wash her long brown hair with a shampoo cial sp. This first step will allow you to moisturize your scalp, you will have also rinse the foam fountain and well s the help of expensive hair dryer typical of the greatest hairdressers.

Do not forget to brush the hair to give them a form before starting the lotion. Once the first step nished, you'll be able to start the pr counter lotion banana and almond. To do this, you'll have to slice two bananas and put the slices in a large bowl. Then, you'll add some almonds and well m changing these two ingr ingredients until you get a smooth cream. Then you'll have to apply this cream on the hair of Mary. Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

The work is finished, you can now admire her beautiful silky hair and give a new look to them. Take the scissors and cut until you get the right length of hair. You can also give volume or smooth with instruments of professional hairdressing.

Choose some accessories to dress up your hair, and try diff rents outfits that go well with the new hair style of Mary.

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