Flash game Hairstyle Anna Snow Queen

Hairstyle Anna Snow Queen game hairstyle, dress and beauty for girls

Anna just hair so that it is the most beautiful in Coiffure Anna Snow Queen, great game hairstyle, dress and beauty for girls!

Today is a big day for Anna! Castle doors will open Arendelle to cl brate the coronation of her older sister Elsa. Anna will finally be able to mingle in the crowd and socialize, be rest after th e enferm in the castle because of the powers givr s sister.

Who knows? Maybe she will meet the love of his life? Was created to help the first look fabulous that will crack her prince charming!

How to play a Hairstyle Anna Snow Queen?

To play it is very simple: start by clicking "Play"!

Use the comb to style the hair of Anna after her very hairy clock r. The hair dryer is also a large utility Thee to put hair up Anna. Click on the scissors and draw a cutting line: all hair below this line will hit s. Do not worry if you cut too much hair: Use the magic flask to regrow hair Anna. To cut hair, you can also use the mower. The curling iron you will have beautiful waves cr st, while the straightener will smooth the wicks of your choice. Côt color, click on the vial color of your choice, then press the or wick (s) that you would like to color! Once you are satisfied with the hairstyle, click on the pink and white arrow to move has the following tape.

Choose now and has great bars in the hair of Anna! You can also choose her dress, her necklace, and accessories. Anna Will it crack the "wonderful" Hans thanks to you?

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