Flash game Hairstyle Elsa Snow Queen

Hairstyle Elsa Snow Queen

Put your talents as a hairdresser and stylist in favor of Elsa Elsa Coiffure in Snow Queen, great game hairdressing and beauty!

Elsa, the courageous princess became Queen of the Snows, need you to lib rer its too classic style Hairstyle Elsa Snow Queen. The kingdom is plunged into eternal winter, it is enferm e in a magnificent castle of ice that will serve as a beauty studio. You have hundreds of options, tons of hair styling tools, ribbons and colors to cr st the bravest and most innovative look for a Queen! When her beautiful hairstyle is ready, you can choose it a wonderful dress and your favorite frosty to go with his new haircut and his new look power!

How to play a Hairstyle Elsa Snow Queen?

To play Hairstyle Elsa Snow Queen, is simple: you will not have need of your mouse. Starts with cr st hairstyle your choice using the tools you are about s on the left of the screen. You had your disposal comb, hair dryer, scissors, a vial of "magic pushes" if ever you realize that you too suddenly, a lawnmower, a curling iron and a flat iron! On the right, you have your disposal many dyes that will allow you to color the wicks of your choice. Once you are satisfied with the hairstyle cr e, click the arrow at the bottom right to go next has the tape: you'll be able to choose the accessories of your choice from the bars, of bursts of frost To remove ... uses the towel.

Finally, you can choose the outfit of Elsa and her makeup. When you love the look created, press the arrow at the bottom right! You'll be able to print or save to keep your look!

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