Flash game Hairstyle Sophia's Picnic

Hairstyle Sophia's Picnic game girl, beauty and makeup

Come and help Sophia has to be the most beautiful on the occasion of picnic in Hairstyle Sophia's Picnic!

Find the beautiful Sophia in a new challenge! She has a great pr mission hairstyle for all vanities herbs who want to practice their skills. Warning: it is very demanding and expects a great hairstyle worthy of the biggest stars! She needs a hairstyle both beautiful and e distingu for chic picnic which she is invited to e, you'll have to give the best of yourself and surprise her with a style that will delight him, and go well with the dress color e pr e for the occasion!

How to play a Hairstyle Sophia's Picnic?

To begin, click on "Play". Sophia and hairstyling tools appear then has the guts? You can, by clicking on the scissors, cut the hair of Sophia by clicking on the area you would like to shorten. Provided you iron a wrap for him meches waving hair of your choice! If you have too pearl earring hair, you can go back using the straightener.

Several colors are available to you wicks, wicks the colors you want to cr st perfect style! Then choose the color of the eyebrows of Sophia, so they are in harmony with her hair. You'll then be able to choose a mascara, the color of her eyes, her lipstick, her eyeshadow and blush! Choose the accessories of your choice from a wide selection of s earrings, necklaces and chokers.

Ends up choosing the best clothes to finally go to the picnic! If you are not satisfied, click on "Reset" to start over, or "Show" to admire the look cr!

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