Flash game Chile Vegetarian Cuisine

Chile Food Vegetarian cooking game and daughter

R to achieve just a recipe in Cooking Delicious Chili V g tario, cooking game and daughter!

You know the Chili Con Carne? Come to cover its variant vg tarienne which is not less Delicious! Based on potatoes, tomatoes, corn, onion, garlic, and spices are cleverly back, this dish pic is a classic Tex-Mex cuisine. paste your family and friends r a d alisant chili delicious and well relev thousand flavors, all without meat! Find the ingredients ingr in the kitchen, the slim, conducted the cooking and stands this dish is sure to please all your guests!

How to play a V g tario Chile Kitchen?

To play kitchen Chile V g tario, it is very simple: start by clicking "Play"! R Cupere a dish, the spices, a spoon, and put the oven pre heated. Then there are the spices, garlic, onion, peppers and potatoes. Then r Cupere pepper, chilli, ad board cut the wooden spoon and knife.

Just round the stove, the tomato sauce, corn, oil, and bowl. Now for something s laughing: plush potatoes, and cut into small cubes. Put them back into the bowl, add the chilli, pepper, cumin and olive oil. Moves all with the wooden spoon.

R m lange the parties in the pan upholstered with foil and shoves the well until it is golden. D cut the garlic, onion, and peppers into small cubes. Then put everything in a pan with a little oil.

Make simmer. Season with pepper and cumin. Then add the tomato sauce and corn.

M lange both pr repairs, and august as it is hot!

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