Flash game Dr. Olaf Snow Queen

Dr. Olaf Snow Queen Playing Doctor and Snow Queen Girls

Come quickly cure Doctor Olaf Olaf in Snow Queen, super Playing Doctor and Snow Queen Girls!

Olaf, the faithful companion of Anna in her quest to bring shine on Arendelle is an adorable little snowman who loves the sun! The poor do not know that he can melt because of it ... Now stop Elsa has hung over the winter Arendelle and the good weather returned, voila ailing after you pass the journ e outside in the sun!

He therefore went into thy closet Doctor and relies on you to regain his health and his joie de vivre! Thanks to your knowledge of doctor, you'll be able to treat small Olaf!

How to play a Doctor Olaf Snow Queen?

To play Doctor Olaf Snow Queen is very simple: start by clicking on Play! Enters the doctor's office to administer Olaf has all the care he needs. Elsa will be your nurse assistant: it will guide you in the care that you must perform.

Starts with v VERIFY temp temperature of Olaf using the thermometer. Uses the powers of Elsa to freeze the room to make a good Olaf! Then apply the spray for the nose to the sinuses pledge of Olaf. Then give him cough syrup!

Then installs the oxygen mask and turns the pump. Finally, open the magic box for lib rer a cloud of snow Olaf cool at all times! Thanks to you, he can continue to live with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven the reindeer Arendelle. All's well that ends well thanks to your skills comp doctor.

Go ahead and just treat Olaf!

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