Flash game Fancy Dresses

Fancy Dresses game for girls, puzzle and dressing

D covers the game for girls and dress Fancy Dresses and helps Nadia model a dress for one of fashion thread!

You like to dig the same mind when it comes to playing a flash game? Then you'll be well served with this beautiful flash game that you're about. Fancy Dresses is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion and ad cover available without delay on our portal online flash game. The principles of this game are very simple. The story is very simple and ressante int.

Tonight is the big thread of fashion organized by the association tudiante college. These are the leves who play model apprentices. All models are super excited es and press are getting on stage. But Nadia is not the ones who wait. She's great stress and e panic because she has no idea how e gonna happen to her.

She does not know at all how holding spinning. So your main objective in this game is to help him make his choice among the multitudes of clothing and accessories that are available.

How to play a Fancy Dresses?

In terms of game controls, you have no need of your mouse to play. Use the mouse to drag the rest of the ments on it.

If graphics and corns are of any beauty ja, this game impresses with the quality of its realization r just standard. The playability is also. Music is also involved and agrees quite with the visual atmosphere of the game So if you're a fan of games like that, or just a lover of fine flash games, you want the right track with Fancy Dresses.

D fed immediately a part by clicking on the image of the game and gives a helping hand This lovely Nadia. Good game and have fun though!

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