Flash game Golden Nails Secret

Secrets of Nails Art

And if the secret of Art Nails r pr sid in preparation for a good manicure?

Hello ladies! Who among you has never rêv the most beautiful manicure that is r succeed? You always ador take care of you and especially your nails?

Then this game sp cial Nails Art is for you! This manicure set has t invented exclusively for fans of manicure and pr cis ment Nails Art. You will have the opportunity to learn how the most beautiful and p tillante manicure can cr st. In this flash game you overlay all of the secrets of Nails Art, but also you will learn how to do her own manicure from z ro. At first, you must rep rer and find all the utensils that you n cessaires in your manicure.

S hidden objects will be in the lounge, you have to recognize them! Some items you will vidents such as, nail clippers, a nail file, a nail and hand cream. Then it will remain more than to start work. Follow the instructions carefully and scrupulously respects each step of delicate manicure.

You will have to first prepare your pr hand and your nails with a spray and a cream cial sp. Then you can start cutting your nails to give them the shape you want. In a second step, once your manicure is nished, you can move on to the stage Nails Art.

D core your nails by choosing the color that is closest to you, add sequins and beads to customize your decoration d. Then core of your hand with rings and other jewelry. Finally, you can move on to the final stage, dressing! What would a pretty girl with beautiful hands without ad quate outfit?

Choose from a multitude of outfits that will make the most out your Nails Art!

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