Flash game Hello Kitty Gear

Hello Kitty Gear the reference makeover

D s review covers advice for a makeover sp cial Hello Kitty! With the game Hello Kitty Gear comes in a girly color world of c lebre small plush. Here, a pretty little girl wants to change look and wants to be covered from head to foot with outfits has the effigy of the cutest doll art. Begins with the beauty part in choosing the paint that will inspire you the most. In this step, you will choose fill with precision pr part of the face you want makeup. In fact, you can change the color of eyebrows, eyelashes, pupils, eye contour, lips and even cheeks.

Do not h website to choose colors that make you feel like and which best agree with the face of the girl. You are totally free in your choice of color! The trick is to pick the colors s plan to put more value in the model for that you'll have to opt for bright colors.

The next step is to finish the ad dress, find the cutest outfits from a wide range of choice. team teenager with pretty blouses, dresses, shorts, tights and shoes with all the little face of Hello Kitty. You can also choose a new hairstyle for the girl, also the spin of a variety of hairstyles all as original as each other. Takes a long or short depending on your tastes cutting adds bars to keep the Hello Kitty theme. Finally, to complete your makeover ter your outfit embellished with quaint accessories such as handbags, sunglasses heart-shaped, pearl necklaces and earrings fashion too! How to play a Hello Kitty Gear?

In this game, you have no need of your mouse, it will suffice you click on the icons to grate int a holding.

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