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Horse jumping 2 becomes a cavaliere first class

Horses are lovely animals that are used by s man for many ann es, today you'll join Sarah cavaliere a non-standard that needs you to succeed r a course on which it hangs for some time now . So you're welcome in the equestrian center of Sarah here you can ride a horse and do a jump course in the heart of the forest. Many obstacles are arranged s and you must try to go one by one. On the right is a gauge to help you to have power, and filled the loose at the right time to pass the bar that enables you to earn points and r succeed the course. At the end you can also join the curia when you finish your course to take care of your horse, you can brush it and do lots of other small s activity with him.

This game is made for lovers and passionate s horse, it is dynamic and shows all the steps that may have seen in a curie.

How to play a Horse Jumping 2

Left click on play game then new game and ok to play Click to abut the left white arrows to choose a horse and s selects a difficulty level. Valid ok. Click left on the cutting up and ok. Participates in the obstacle course using the directional arrows on the keyboard: arrows up = access the rer, right arrow = Go right, left arrow = Jump left. Hold the spacebar SEATED e and releases to pounce.

Left click on ok then the other accessories in situ s cut to continue. Left click on the horse to the brush and the stones to remove them.

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