Flash game Lila Lilas

Lila Lilas game girl and agility

D covers the game and daughter Lila Lilas agility and have fun dancing Lila has the rhythm of the music!

Are you clever and know you will make you use your hands? If this is the case, then you'll like this wonderful game, which could pose problem even more hardened agile players. Lila Lilas is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games of skill and agility About our portal free online flash game. The principles of this game are very simple and the grip is super easy.

In this flash game super fun concept, you incarnate a very pretty young girl named Lila. Dance rhythm! Grand-cart, hip hop ... d up the pace of indications of the mirror.

How to play a Lila Lilas?

In terms of game controls, use the arrows on your keyboard direction to do the movements to the girl. A good dance will bring you 10 points while bad you will lose in all.

This game is especially passionate destiny girls are dancing but everyone can venture a try. This game is very effective when you want to pass the time without taking too much head. Graphic point of view the game is r alis and colors are well harmonized. It will take a good deal of anticipation to reach the end of the title. The controls are very pr cis and overall atmosphere of the game is really excellent.

Throw yourself into the adventure now. Lila Lilas is an excellent game that requires the agility and good reflexes r. Preparing yourself has you embark on the adventure. The game takes over very easily so you should not have great difficulty has g rer.

If you're a fan of skill games, fed straight part just by clicking on the image of the game Good luck!

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