Flash game My New Room 2

My New Room 2 game girl and decoration

Come put your talents to good use in a coratrice My New Room 2, a great game of decoration for girls!

Do you like art and beautiful things? You love to make and design co?

If you have taste and you know matching colors, this is the game for you. "My New Room 2" or D esse beach is a classic game that will appeal to all those who like to co d. The game is simple, fun and exploits all the possibilities s possible in the art of decoration. Put your skills to corateur / d coratrice has the evidence and covers what you can do with the furniture and carpets. In My New Room 2 you willing a beautiful house overlooking the beach. Your mission is to decorate the main room of the house a way to make it sublime and welcoming. D covers the infinite possibilities offered by s all the furniture available in My New Room 2 and cr e a personal disposition that comes straight from your artistic intellect.

How to play My New Room 2?

Diff uses different items of decoration available to the right of your game screen and make them slip up where you want to ask. You do not need big arms and gentlemen while to put those muscles to good big furniture. A single click. There is no limit to this game, if not the limits of your own imagination. Am swimming this room and give it back and chic design to make the centerpiece of your home proud job.

The game is played entirely with the mouse. Furniture design is beautiful and the controls are easy to implement. Begins now a part of this interactive game you can make a capture of screen after you finish your work and print to keep the image and show your talents to all your friend (s). "My New Room 2" is a classic game very int esting.

Have fun!

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