Flash game Makeovers Anna Snow Queen 2

Makeovers Anna Snow Queen 2 game beauty and dress for girls

Come help Anna make a great look in Makeovers Anna Snow Queen 2 game beauty and dress for girls Snow Queen!

Anna, Princess Arendelle, was awake r e the wrong foot this morning ... its so pretty skin has decided to make his own! Unfortunately, this is the day Ch√Ęteau d'Arendelle will finally open its doors it must be resplendent r to succeed in meeting the love of his life. She is very lucky thanks to you and your talents esth ticienne, you will make wonderful after a few skin care and a little makeover.

After your treatment, some makeup tips, hairstyle and dress, Anna can only crack a charming prince.

How to Play a makeover Anna Snow Queen 2?

To play Makeover Anna Snow Queen 2, start by clicking on "Play"! Apply the cleansing cream on Anna's face, then rinse in clean water. Then apply the mask sincrustant and rinsed also has clear water.

Then applies a solution ass sings on all its little buttons to make them disappear, then wipes his face with a towel. Provided you the clamp was pounding and removes all unwanted hair from his eyebrows. Finally apply soothing cream and eye mask, left in place, and rinsed Anna's face and then go to Makeup! At your disposal: the lipstick, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil and the colored lenses. Once satisfied, click on the arrow at the bottom right to go to the salon and dressing!

Choose the cut that you like the most, and the clothes that make the most styl e Anna. Go ahead and come help Anna to be resplendent cr coronation ceremony of his sister Elsa!

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