Flash game Valentines Day Hairdos

Valentines Day Hairdos a hairdressing game for girl in love

D covers three hairstyles sp cial Valentine has to please your Jules! Valentine's Day is almost this traditional festival which symbolizes the love between two people. Mia is a beautiful young girl who has begun to ad ja pr dress for the occasion, she pr seen like a good aim has its maximum. His main occupation remains pr hairstyle, it h the site between three haircuts very trend which fit with the theme of the night e. To assist in the choice you'll have to try diff annuities cuts that you will feel pr es and ends after your tastes which would suit her best. At the beginning of the game, you'll have to choose one of the three sections are about.

Once you have chosen the cup that you would like to achieve r you just have to click on it and press "Play." The first stage of the hair is brushing, click the icon that corresponds to and using your mouse performs movements demand s. Once the hair of the young lady of Mels, you will have s lectionner the portion of hair that you would like hair. Then click on it and follow carefully the advice given her using green arrows that appear on the screen. Renewed action on each côt the head of the young Mia and well maintained places mats bars and hairpins in places pr seen. Help yourself as darlings to fix the mats are tress on the head Mia. Finally, to fully customize your cup, you'll be able to add some small accessories very nice.

Like butterflies, pins and barrettes are color. Learn to make beautiful hair cut in this game sp cial Valentine's Day to be the most beautiful in the eyes of your lover. Have fun!

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