Flash game Micro racers

Micro racers racing game for mini Formula 1

Become the champion sp cial Formula 1 racetrack! You're in search of a fun and entertaining game that you can come play you feel boredom. Testing this game very small racing cars int esting.

In addition, Micro Car Racer allows you to choose between five cars racing diff rents to compete. Thou shalt transport in a d cor racing and several race tracks are available. Just raise your adrenaline adr driving your mini racing car. Three modes are available in the game Micro Car Racer. The championship method allows you to participate in a championship where you have to be on the podium for pr tender win a medal m. In Challenge mode, you made of other racers in the ultimate race.

As in Trial mode, you run against the clock, you're alone on the track and have to do a good lap. In addition, to be able to play, use your keyboard keys fl ch es left and right to guide your vehicle through v track and the top to access the rer. The spacebar allows you to trigger the nitro which will allow you to go much faster. Micro Car Racer you remember the film anthology Fast and furious, just to take you to Paul Walker at the wheel of a car that goes faster. For d abut the race, click on the New Game button. You wanted an exciting game unusual?

Micro Racer is the game try it, you will not be d cu. Music accompanies you throughout the race to get you in the conditions of a real race. You talk of your relatives was probably after having pl.

Also, the game is very sollicit on canvas. Do as others, do not expect to be the last. Find this game in our platform free online games.

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