Flash game Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 fighting game

D Street Fighter cover and enjoy a two fight each other in a duel without pity!

Welcome to the arena of the infernal battle. If you like street fighting, you'll have fun. Here's a series of carefully selected pure pleasure for your games. Street Fighters is a shooting game c lebre movie with the same name as the main actor Jean Claude Van Dame.

The fights are disput s in ordinary places, including streets. You'll notice that the quality of graphics far exceeds the average. You have the choice between diff annuities attacks you'll be able to ex cuter. You just have to read the instructions for your game and you get into the fight thereafter carefully. Just get used to the keys to make the game fun. Just proud of a friend in a very intense and sublime battle.

Two characters from the most recognized thanks to their quality fighter countries compete in a battle no thank you, where the playability is particularly highlighted. Power fists or feet was proportional to the pressure exercised e these buttons. Each hit can be wearing weakly or strongly normally.

How to play a Street Fighter 2?

In this version, the game is played only two.

Make your choice between these two characters and KEN are GUILI. Throw yourself in a duel against your opponent mercilessly. The player num ro 1 will use the num keys digital keyboard that are num ros 1, 2, 4, 5 to hit with fist or foot and the 0 key to prot ger against the blows of your opponent. The player num ro 2 ticks alphabetic keyboard buttons to direct the character in combat. Q, Z, S and D to move to the F, G, V and B keys to hit your opponent with kicks or punches.

It may also prot ger with the spacebar key. Throw yourself in a duel with your friends and good luck.

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