Flash game Slapshot mania

Slapshot mania a hockey game for fans of the sport on ice

The mania slapshot full sports action available on our portal online game. It looks norm ment ice hockey with several points of similarity. The equipment and the game are those air hockey ice, skating sport about which we are very profe to the united states and canada that among the great powers to field ice. Ice hockey, often dubbed as hockey is a winter sport played on air play all still call ice rink carefully am nag e. The goal for each of the teams is r alis s goals by sending a hard plastic disc, washer call or puck, has int mirthful cage opponent situ at the other end of the rink. The objective is complex about this game you must first fill criteria before scoring goal and pr soft switch has the tape sup higher.

Should you collect all the lights that appear on the air game must understand that before the marked your goal you must first pick up the lamp by avoiding the trap on air game traps is characterized terised by the presence pr anvils which appears everywhere on the ground and can cause your downfall or just slipping into your race. It will also keep an eye on of opposing defenders who will not pray for you and draw down your energy putting you out of harm States. Thou shalt understand it is as its name suggests slapshot on mania, air game r serv manic.

The arrow keys allow you to you to put in all the sens.la space key to jump and it is important to know that each step of a defender is in addition to those presented feels has the tape pr c dente.

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