Flash game Kroonprinses

Kroonprinses of agility game, puzzle and maze

Just put your neurons in boiling Kroonprinses, super maze game, r flexion and agility!

If you're among those who think that the brain must remain active even when you play, you will find int esting this wonderful game that requires bending r but also the eye. "Kroonprinses" is a set of r flexion very fun, who gets the c lebre game labyrinth, found often on the packaging boxes cr ales and some notebooks sponsoris s. "Kroonprinses" is the flash version of the beautiful game r flexion; it will surely please all those who love r fl chir and dig their ninges m. The principles of the game are simple. You have in front of you a maze. It is clear that it can be difficult to find when you are caught in a maze. But here you have a glimmer of hope, because you have a high view of the labyrinth in question. Be very careful to have a top view does not mean being shot business so far.

This maze is so crooked, and so large that even when viewed from above, we can not find a sudden exit. Then you should try diff ferent way, and find all the impasses in order to arrive at your purposes.

How to play a Kroonprinses?

In this game, you have to place a crown.

The crown is fallen e head of the princess, and she finds it more. You need to find yourself the path between the princess and crown, and that you make to all the way to the crown for the princess could again get his hands on. Beautiful and super simple flash game, you must use the keys fl ch es to place the crown of the diff ent corridors of the labyrinth.

When you get to bring the crown to the girl, you win the game. Be concentrated and finish all your tasks. Good luck!

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