Flash game The Siege

The Siege game launch

D covers The Siege and battle a goblin e arm to prevent them from entering the Manor!

Do you like adventure games? Are you fascinated by magic? Then this game inspired film The Spiderwick Chronicles is for you! On our website, we have your disposal and it offers one of our best games to satisfy your desires d. Welcome to Le Manoir, a game that continues to impress even his players both design and construction. There are some years of this land was invaded by countless extras known goblin green men.

Their objectives were Conch er all spaces and r reduce humanity to slavery. Fortunately three brave children Josh, Eric and Martine who lived in a village not far from the great manor of Saint Lamartine was collected. The large arm e goblins, after having conquered several villages round shall decide to storm the mansion. But children do not let them do only three they can not defeat any e arm that is why they need to help you.

Are you lent help these children split ad the only place left for them now?

How to play The Siege?

To do this, click the Play button and sick part. Well designed with the mouse goblins that come to you to destroy the dam that of your friends have built and a right mouse click to shoot.

You will become, more, more better arm over a game with bonuses that you will be given s. Bonuses are bombs tomato juice, the magic powder to strengthen the close of the manor and horseshoe for extra points ments. You have got a sp cial weapon with the space bar but used only three times then make good use of it. Good game!

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