Flash game Speed

The reference speed of gambling with cards

Card games are not limited only to poker, There are also parts of distractions without money you can do with the cards and friends. Speed ​​is a game of soci t card game mode, it pits two players with a portion of 60 cards sp cial that each possess a number of symbols of the same color. Speed ​​is a card game sp cial, centered on the rapidity and confronts you or an opponent. Each of the two opponents will receive 5 cards. The map are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black flag with symbols, fabric, kite, balloon, house, tree.

Two cards will be visible faces pos es on the game table you can put on top of the cards to another card number or a laughing inf sup laughing to that which is visible. The objective of this game is to get rid of all your cards by placing them on a map pr feeling a common character istic: number, color or symbol. Some of you will barrasses card, another card is given to you e. You have to be faster than your opponent and lay the cards on the middle card before him while respecting the rules of the game there be a total of 60 cards in the game!

The maps will pr Sentes to make the notch on one of the two batteries in the game, draws one card at a time from your hand. Drag with your mouse do your cards and lay them to one of two visible piles on the table. If you ussis r a te d rid of all your cards before your opponent, you win the game, so be faster than him. The game is very fun and very addictive but requires bending r and rapidity.

Have fun!

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