Flash game Millenium Blizzard

Millenium Blizzard game agility and reflex

Put your agility has the proof in Blizzard Millenium, super agility and r reflex game!

Come prove your agility in this wonderful game of skill. "Millenium Blizzard" is an agility while public will falter anyone who plays the game, unless you really have a skill games. So come show what you are worth. In this game you put yourself in the shoes of a small orange penguin coming straight from the North Pole. You'll help this beautiful little penguin has orang wipe a cold storm, avoiding large snowflakes.

You must survive by avoiding the blizzard snowflakes falling to the penguin.

How to play a Millenium Blizzard?

Use your mouse cursor to direct the penguin to the Left or to the Right. You just gotta let it waddle everywhere except below the snowflake before it touches the ground.

Flakes fall from the sky litt ally, but they touch the ground they go. So you can put yourself in a place of ja touch with flakes without risking your life. Flakes fall very quickly because it is a big storm, and they are very many, then you need the liveliness in the act and r activity if you ever do go out to you. Go ahead, help this cute little faster avoid being has all these little flakes that would hurt him as if they could have the touch.

If a large flake all white and sparkly, falls from the sky, click above to enter in his possession. These flakes give the energy, you can then use this energy to cr st a shield against flakes, was using the space bar. The game's graphics are excellent, and Sultan is a good dog dress r sponds to the keyboard. Finished all levels of the game and post your score to proud of all the other players.

Have fun!

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