Flash game Moon Lander

Moon Lander game of agility and reflex

Take control of a small spaceship and tries to land in Moon Lander game super agility and reflex r!

Your only dream is to one day drive of a great AIRCRAFT? In this game, you've the chance. "Moon Lander" is a classic game super simple to understand but not so easy in itself. The principles of the game are simple. You find yourself in the moon aboard a Gorgeous ronef made of an alloy ultra resistant r. You're an ace among drivers, and you think you are nimble fingers? Come put your skills to the evidence trying this wonderful flash game, both explosive and fun.

The game is played entirely with the mouse and the ship is easy to navigate. Go ahead, start a game and savor your trip in space captain!

How to play a Moon Lander?

Your mission is to land on the moon with a ronef and allow it to land without any problem. You'll have to do any wrong move and scuttle these devices so hard to obtain. Become a pilot of this unit and ask yourself the ground.

To install one of these airships, no wheels help you, because there is no gravity. You can not rely on the trofus r es es Hideout on COTS and bottom saucers to arrive at the land gently on the platform. Each time you pass a level, the area in which you are going to ask you becomes increasingly tortuous mountain.

For you to adapt yourself to these reliefs and get a place in any of dainty saucers whatever area. Use the keys fl ch es keyboard, up, down, left and right to activate trofus r es and change the trajectory of descent flying vessels. It will also think of you refuel k Rosene if you delay too much during the maneuver.

Helping neighbors ET get a parking space, without your help there would be anarchy on the moon. You're a seasoned pilot of space, operates as best you can the dozens of landing that you must complete to finish the game ter Then post your score, this is what will allow you best measure you other players "Moon Lander" in the world.

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