Flash game Shot A Dolphin

Shot A Dolphin game reflex and animals

D covers the set of r reflex and animals Shot A Dolphin and have fun to take pictures of dolphins!

Do you love you engage in surprising and fun adventures? Here is a flash game that gives you the opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure if you give yourself a try. Shot A Dolphin is an advergame flash game but also r flexion About our portal flash games online. The principles of this game are very simple and grip and easier.

The advergame or game vid o advertising is a vid game where looking only at promoting the brand image. The advergame is a game, gn ral vid o type game, destiny to make known to the public, that is to say those who play a brand. The practice of this type of game is called advergaming. The advergame is increasingly used to enable brands to more easily reach consumers via a communication diff e rent compartment to traditional dias m. Down on the theme of entertainment, e advergame created a relationship between the brand and the consumer perceived as intrusive as little. This interactive and attractive solution cr e easily buzz.

Dive into the crystal clear waters and plays underwater photographer! The goal is to shoot a maximum of dolphins at the edges of coral with your digital camera num.

How to Play a Shot A Dolphin?

You must take 6 photos in total, at the end of your s ance of shooting, we will assign a rating to each outlet.

For you to properly frame the dolphin and take it at the right time. Both living, nice and beautiful, you volues in a universe of sudden s paper with beautiful graphics and a very good playability. If you're a fan of games like that, throw yourself without further delay and go your photographic skills.

D fed straight part just by clicking on the image of the game Shot A Dolphin is a sunny and very refreshing game a try as soon as possible!

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