Flash game Balloons

Balloons, a play on a stand Shooting

Balloons, aim and shooting balloons before they fly away! In a cloudy sky or in the rain, playing shooter of lite shooting targets are wearing by flying balloons. You should not shoot the ball, they will make you not score points and not wasting your time, applies only to target feels are represented by circles in red and white.

You have the possibility to choose two scenes shots diff annuities. To play use the mouse to direct your pointer toward moving targets and click to fire your trigger d. Do move the mouse in the right direction at the center of the target not to miss your shot. You also need to very quickly because balls bearing targets are rapidly moving toward the sky.

Take your time and do not hurry you especially, you have to touch r succeed each target to score points. Each target you will reach a r ussis you earn points, be quick and pr cis with your shots. Keep an eye on play time in yellow on the left side of the screen, to beat the record. R ussis a score maximum points possible before the exhaustion of the chronometer, so do not waste one second is with pr decision, pulls and passes another target. There are also options that will allow you to extend your play time; they feel are represented by yellow clocks attach a're flying balloons.

Shoot the clocks to save even more time what you will score extra ments. R ussis to do the maximum points in the first scene of the game before moving on to another. The second stage will be more complicated because e, the game of rolls in the rain and to aim the target, you should be very concentrated so as not to score.

Focus up and be very fast to score the most points and become a shooter of unparalleled lite never misses his target is some circumstances.

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