Flash game Bubble Tank

Bubble Tank game of agility and shooting

Just try to crush all your enemies in Bubble Tank, super game agility and shooting!

Te is it ja arrived to imagine a tank made with soap bubbles? No, of course it seems impossible. But with games everything is possible, and quite particular game puts your disposal a beautiful d cor f generic, dotted with tanks made of bubbles. Enter a world where everything is possible and have fun ad erase your enemies. "Bubble Tank" is a great shooter, and sublime color in which you'll find a perverse pleasure in exploding targets.

Your enemies in this flash game are your fellow tanks are made of bubbles. They should be harmless, but beware, they are s arm, and equipped with guns overpowered s just for you to climb. Bubble tanks are not very resistant r, one shot is enough to explode.

All will know who to gainera faster.

How to Play a Bubble Tank?

The game plays easily. The developers to put the basic commands for controlling the tank. So you can use the keys W, A, S, D to control your tank in the game space Throughout the game, you will watch your opponents with a aim your barrel, you find a way in their wake. Once you have a tank right in front of you, make a left click to launch a projectile.

As soon as your projectile hits an enemy tank, he destroyed d. Your tank is just a little r resistant than others, so watch also avoid their attacks. You can pick up the bubbles that come from tanks that you explode, it will make you stronger. If the buttons do not have your taste, you can always change the main menu before you start the game Have fun!

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