Flash game Crazy Battle 2

Crazy Battle 2 game shooting combat

Be the best shooter in Crazy Battle 2, super game shooting and combat shooting! If you like games where there is action, you will love this beautiful shooter. Warning this is not a war game like the others, here you menes a real r rebellion, without a gu rilla thank you against your enemies. In "Crazy battle 2" you become the commander of a military arm FULL chevronn e s. Goes against your enemies that you swore to exterminate one after the other, until the last. You are part of the Marine Usa and you ready tightness FROM your nation. Fill your duty citizen pulv risant all targets that you see. ca is great until they came up, the last pulv rise-up at home.

How to play Crazy Battle 2? To kill them, nothing more simple. Point your mouse over them, then use your left mouse button to fire. You're dowry unlimited ammunition are then loose yourself on this one, and killed them all until the last small. A shot is enough to kill an enemy while maximizing your opportunities for fair and especially by dropping on them a rain of fire if they become too numerous. Tues-a maximum in the time you allotted. You earn 1000 points for starters, then you earn 200 points per enemy to the ground and a second commentary Supp.

When you miss a shot, 150 points are withdrawn s your score and a second of your time remaining. quickly shoot civilians, especially those of licieuses fair ladies going through the game, they are so beautiful, you will not know to miss. The game's graphics are beautiful and the excellent design. The playability is good astonishment as the viewfinder r is indeed the movement of the mouse. D truis all your enemies and earn points suppl ments, show them they were wrong to think they were your masters. Explodes chart highscores pulv risant all the soldiers until the last of the region.

They regret having to face you.

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