Flash game Drive By 2

Drive By 2 game shooting precision gore

Come to tread in Drive By 2 super game shooting pr decision and injection disposal of gore! You love the history of gangs in New York? Of the delinquency and violence that's screwed in Brooklyn? Here is version 2 of the shooter has successfully "drive-by".

As the pr d processor, Drive by 2 is a shooting game and quite original action. It is built on the same basis as the great action game Grand Theft Auto, where action and conduct killings are commonplace. In this beautiful action racing game, you can be're not in San Andreas, but you're so rebellious that Carl Johnson. The car you'll drive is surely an e car theft, but you absolutely want to defend your territory from enemy gangs and other sirables ind.

Put yourself behind the wheel of the car and drive gangsta it through your territory, and even through enemy territory. You'll be able to access the Manage beyond permissible limits without fear of accidents or a reverse pi tones. They did nothing of course, but they could stay home: bute them too. We take any pleasure after a int grate the mythical world of gang warfare through this wonderful game of shooting and driving. The game is pretty simple to play, because there are really no rules to follow.

How to play a Drive By 2? Use your mouse to aim and to erase all potential targets that you meet on the road. They can be hitchhikers or suspicious passersby, members of enemy gangs, bandits or even thieves. You do not care about in this city reign of anarchy; and thou art the anarchist par excellence. The most fun part of the game is still to come.

You can also go down the police and other masters of the order to escape the net of justice. Prison, it is not for real gangsters. In "Drive by 2" rebel against the system yourself, against the law, against everything you hedges of soci t and for a short time, leads the life in such a way that wild instinct.

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