Flash game Duck Hunt 2

Duck Hunt 2 game shooting and precision

Just try to hit all targets in Duck Hunt 2, super game shooting, hunting and pr decision! You like shooting at moving targets? And especially you love from a hunting? Your desires will be satisfied with you will play in this beautiful flash game know much players. "Duck Hunt 2" is a shooting game, very fun and easy addition to play.

This is the recovery of c lebre game fowler ann es 80. In this game, put yourself in the shoes of this great hunter and put yourself in the lookout for ducks and wait. The principle of the game is simple, you're in a small forest safe, and you want to bring a little game with you.

Fortunately for you, there are wild ducks that are near where you are. Braque up behind the tall ferns of the forest and wait for an unfortunate duck takes off and shoots a rifle at him to make him fall.

How to play a Duck Hunt 2?

The game is played entirely with the mouse: D Place the mouse to aim the duck in the sky, then once it is right in your line of sight, make a left click to pierce her plumage. A single shot is enough to kill a duck and you're limited ammunition. So do not waste Mr. Hunter.

You do not have a dog to bring you back your game dead at your feet, but you can see the bottom of the screen the number of ducks you have you s and the number remaining in the area. Of do you kill one, its icon turns from yellow to red. Each duck you will earn 250 s points. On the left you can see the ammunition you have left and the level in which you are. Kills all poultry in the area and comes to a good stew with wild duck!

Good luck!

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