Flash game Fish Shoot

Fish Shoot game shooting and precision

Put your pr decision has the evidence in Fish Shoot, game shooting and decision pr!

You're a fan of shooters? Being in the thick of the action and hit targets?

Then you might love this beautiful game "Fish shoot" is a pretty original game shot that will surely please if you also love animals. In this rather sublime game, you must be attentive and very active r what happens in the game screen, because everything you see will be played in seconds. The principle is simple: you have an extremely simple aquarium your disposal. In this jar of water, you'll see two fish swimming around leisurely. Both fish are not the same, one is blue and one is green.

How to play a Fish Shoot?

Your goal in the game is to shoot the blue fish, while avoiding the green fish. Beware, the game is not at all easy since both fish only to put the same speed. It will however that you can take in all levels on the blue fish avoiding the green fish. To pass the level, you must imp pared you touch the blue fish.

Every time he is hit, you go to the next level, and so on until the last level. Do not fies has the shape of two fish, it's almost like they taunt you. Sometimes they can access the rer rer of dcl or that you approach them. Then you will have to decide in a split second when to d gainer then shoot.

The game is played entirely with the mouse, you can aim by moving the mouse cursor. Then once you have the blue fish in the sights, make a left click to shoot. The game is fun and the graphics are well r alis s. Both fish are very beautiful and their colors blend beautifully. Good game

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