Flash game Frog Pond

Frog Pond game shooting and animals

leve nice frogs in Frog Pond, great game shooting and animals! Since childhood, you always ador up and eat small animals. Relive your favorite hobby and Frog Pond covers a great shooting game with a frog.

A frog is a small animal jumper and swimmer of the family of amphibians. Your mission in this game is to help the frog to feed and grow to reproduce eggs at the edge of the pond. Today this breed is endangered and you have to play a very important role in the preservation of this species.

Shoot the flying insects to feed Froggy Frog and help reproduce. How to play a Frog Pond? You have got a gun and you have to shoot insects above his head like flies, dragonflies, mosquitoes and many others. More frog gobbles insects, the more it grows.

When all the acorns gone top left (they feel represented hunger frog), it will grow. Once she reached adulthood, and that you manage to reach a score of 100 points gal, you can click the button Eggs on the top right of the screen to the ponde Frog & oelig , eggs and ensures offspring. Attention kill larvae which then attack the eggs, and not to give bees eat frogs. If several frogs were born in, you can increase the number of n water lilies in the pond to accommodate them. Help yourself with your mouse to aim and throw acorns. For d abut the game, click the Play button!

The game is very well r alis and sound effects fit in with the landscape of the game will be very pr cis and cunning in order to reach your goal and take the next steps. Become the defender of a num ro rights to life frogs and save your thanks to the shooter Froggy Pond. Good luck to you!

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