Flash game Robocop

Robocop trains shooting to keep his reflexes in wakefulness

Following an op ration police officer, Alex Murphy assassin several shots in the body. But before he gave up the ghost, it is modified by science and became the vigilante iron call Robocop. Robocop is a cyborg police is of great efficiency.

It is often called to establish order and s SAFETY in the streets of the city. Police also appeal to him the most dangerous business. Half man and half machine, it is a formidable opponent. Thou incarnate in this game and you veiled ft g in a shooting. You have to shoot all targets near you and r cup rer bonuses such as weapons, masks, oil and balls that will fall to the ground, drawing also on.

You'll have to be vigilant and to put you from left to right if you do not want to die in this stand. Help Robocop futuristic vigilante shooting at moving targets and make proof of rapidity esp for a living out rer s ance of exchange of fire hell. The cardboard silhouettes suggest to you before to put up the screen.

Shoot the two targets pr Sentes on each of these figures before they disappear. Use the mouse to aim and make a left click to shoot. The A and D keys for you to put lat ally and help yourself to the space bar to dodge enemy fire shots. Also draws on bonuses (weapons, ammunition ...) for r cup rer.

Directly inspired the film, this shooter is superbly r alis with a good deal of difficulty and rapidity. Your score and your level of life appears at the bottom of the screen. How long dost thou make this stand?

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