Flash game Shoot The Birds

Shoot The Birds game shooting and precision

Put your talents shooter has the evidence in Shoot The Birds, great game shooting and decision pr!

You love to play flash games without too take your head? Then you will play with a crazy passion that great flash game that you're about. Shoot The Birds (shoots birds) is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat shooters.

This game is ad cover without delay on our portal online flash games. The principles of this game are simple. In this game you find yourself in a funfair. Being a precise and you're welcome on the shooting of the funfair! Arm your rifle lead you to one goal to shoot the ducks, swans and other ducks to earn maximum points. The goal of this flash game is to kill the maximum target green.

If you hit a target in red, you lose points. So you know what to do and what not to do.

How to play Shoot the Birds?

In terms of game controls, using the mouse to place the viewfinder and click the left mouse button to shoot. Loign targets are more points than those closer.

Green targets with gold round are bonus targets that relate 20 points higher than those who do not have round gold. When your gun is out of ammo, just click on the Reload panel at the bottom right of the game screen to reload. Game speed access leer as and measuring time for more difficult.

Shoot The Birds is a flash game the graphics very s color and fun that smells of cotton candy and the waffle stand. Now that you know everything there aa know about this shooter, try it without further delay. If you're a lover of good shooters, tired of a party immediately by clicking on the image you A game of shooter!

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