Flash game Space Boy

Space Boy game shooting space invaders type

Come quickly to cover Space Boy, great game shooting space invaders type!

Space Boy is a shooting game in which you will try to kill the largest number of monstrous aliens as you can. You embody a little guy with a beautiful red hat. M prisables aliens have invaded earth. The h ros, a small child equipped with the latest technology, a water gun, must avoid the invaders control the planet D cleave yourself against an endless wave of attack. Using the correct Use Strategy to combat the enemy who want t 'eliminate.

With this shooting game, you can spend hours ad develop the best way to prot ger and will thus be victorious.

How to play a Space Boy?

You have to split the aid of a pistol, extra land will lead to you to try t 'eliminate in this game Pr adorn yourself a te d split tooth and nail. Aim with precision pr in this game where you direct the water pistol.

Steer your gun in the right direction for each shot hits the enemy. Trying to avoid the enemies come too close to you. Shoot anything that moves with your mouse, but be careful, little green men s parent two before dying. Collects a maximum bonus. Use the mouse to aim and shoot your enemies. You have to shoot everything that moves.

When you met an alien with your gun, you get one bonus point. You reach a more aliens with your gun, you'll garner more points. You have with your gun kill octopus and other aliens that invade earth. Use your mouse to aim and shoot at the invaders.

You must click on the "Play Game" button for the game to laugh Your level of energy as well as your number of life appears at the bottom of the screen. Your score is displayed at the top of the screen game Have fun!

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