Flash game Vomit Attack

Vomit Attack, a shooter and animals

Vomit Attack, a fun shooting game animals In this very fun game vomit Attack, your player is represented by a large bear feels. Your actor pass all night drinking and now he is completely drunk, he takes even more upright. Animals come to disrupt and make fun of him; the little yellow canary, green land and the squirrel.

Your player wants r Gler account has its disruptive. Help him to correct his provocative by launching their balls vomit. Your enemies are hidden in the bushes out of the forest and make furtive appearances in all locations. You must succeed r has spit vomit on your figures and provocateurs and score points.

To play use the mouse to guide your big bear left to right in the right direction. You realize that the head of one of your enemies, support fast the space button to send the vomit on his face. You earn points for each vomit that affects your opponents.

Do not waste time, the squirrel, the canary and the worm occur in all places, anticipating their appearance so as not to miss. D Place your player in the right place to launch your vomit his leadership to win. Do not miss any of your targets. You will not be limited by time in this game, the objective is to succeed r has hit all the targets that appear so score as many points as possible. Do play your address and your decision pr calculates well when you must launch your ball vomit.

Balls vomit composed by the ments acids that you throw their burning face and allow you to correct and understanding has its provocative that you are not their gal.

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