Flash game Ahsau NO 1

Ahsau NO 1 game skate for fans of slides

D covers a very fun game skate and glide on the ramp. Ahsau-no one is a sports game which enables you to test your quality s outstanding skater. Leads up to master skateboarding and make a r USSI impressive figures. To play use the mouse and click on the wheel skate e situ on the right cost.

Your player performs movements from left to right in the ramp, it follows the movements done by clicking on the skate wheel. Caught him speed by clicking tirelessly and made him realize r figures of extraordinary leaps. Scores for each figure you r ussis to do.

Some movements will earn you a hundred points, others will allow you to maximize your gain of up to a thousand points. Remember that all of depend on the manner with which you'll click on the skate wheel. Observe his movements, let him gain speed and expect it to be put to the extreme ramp to chain your cliques and to make paste. Warning you will be limited by time, you will not have sixty seconds to score as many points as possible before the end of the stopwatch. To control your player and make him realize r jumps hallucinating, leads up to have a good technique and performs very beautiful figures of jumps.

You have to turn your skater by clicking the wheel skate with the mouse. Ahsau NO 1 is a game that enables you to achieve r all kinds of figures. Press "MARBLE" to access the rer, and also make beautiful figures.

Beats the record of points before time r and serv wins. This game is intended for passionate s Skateboard because, through this game, they will feel like their Skate!

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