Flash game Ollie

Ollie, a skateboarding game and agility

Ollie, a skateboarding game in which he will have you to be agile Ollie D covers a very fun sport game, which enables you to test your reflexes and your skills in skateboarding. The objective of the game is to travel throughout the city avoiding falling into holes. R ussis a pick balloons coming out of the hole to score points.

Get three lives in total to try to win the game, not lose any. Use arrows on the keyboard to move your player to the entire playing surface from left to right. Press the SPACE button to skip when your player arrives at a hole.

You can score points for each hole you avoid a ussis r and for each group of balloons that you catch. Do play your agility and your speed miss any balls that come out of the hole. Calculates good times when you must make your jump, if you fall in a place where you notice that there are several holes in the ground, your play center in the middle of the room on the côt or jumps to avoid the hole.

Mark the maximum points by collecting all the balls that come out of the hole without losing a single life. You will not have much time, you have to go fast on your board without wasting time, makes feints to dodge holes and do not forget the balloons to score as many points as possible. The more you advance in levels, the more you'll fall in holes that will appear quickly, do play your r d flexes to anticipate your investments. Succeed to master the combos that you are doing with the arrow keys on the keyboard and the space and manipulated with care and precision to r pr succeed Part button.

Gaining the maximum points and becomes an outstanding skater.

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