Flash game Downhill Snowboard 3

Downhill Snowboard 3 game snowboard 100% slip

We are in winter and this is the period p dream for snow games. Moreover, even a great comp world is organized as bution during this period p is the winter games. Downhill Snowboard is a game where you have to ski down from the top of a mountain to the bottom without falling. Maneuver well your sports and r achieves wonderful tricks in the air to increase your points. It will also make every effort not to get caught up by the mass of snow that spot in your slides.

D vale slope in full speed and finished the healthy part and sound. The aim of you can lectionner your skier s one of only two seats. But thanks to a great deal of points that you will r s colt by performing extraordinary figures, you'll be able to block other more powerful players. D vale slope in full speed and does not let you catch up by swallowing down that a brisk pace.

Help yourself keys A, Z, S, X keyboard in order to achieve the r figures. Furthermore you have the possibility to combine them with the arrow keys on your keyboard: the arrow left and arrow right to balance it or tilt the skier, the arrow will jump high to avoid the mass of snow pursues you. Balance yourself on your board and slides on the snow mastering all your movements so as not to fall. Become the best skier Posted comp. R achieves the highest score and pr adorn yourself to participate in the Olympic games of Hook your first gold medal m. This game is a genuine d fi v for amateurs and pros alike of skiing.

Put on your board, just to meet the fi guster and follies of this wonderful winter game.

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