Flash game Snow Board

Snow Board game sports agility and snowboard

D vale tracks and do as many tricks possible to win in Snow Board! When you live the dream am Rican, it is likely to want to brave all dangers to arrive at its ends. What may well be afraid when you are a brave young gringo am in the prime of life when he goes snowboarding on a ski slope? Nothing, well done. Today you have a case of the young brave am Ricans: chevronn a snowboarder.

In this super sports game helps your snowboarder perform jumps in themselves. Enter the world sheet of snow and prestigious sport snow through play Snow Board. Put on your snow boots, heavy coats not catch cold, ski goggles against wind and pr adorn yourself to live a great adventure sport.

The principles of the game are very simple and appear to ja in the title. You have to slide on a track Snowboarding but also perform jumps to earn maximum points. Take your courage in both hands, and tell yourself that you have snow on the board, you have to jump higher no matter what. Should also pay special attention to your opponents snowboarders who come behind you in the race.

Use the left click your mouse to charge the power of your jump and then release to jump. How to play Snow Board? As of placing the mouse, you can move the snowboarder from left to right. Harness the keys'' Z'','' X'','' C'' for more cons quent jumps and reach longer distances.

R alisant multiple jumps, you can earn a bonus as you can also lose by ignoring it. From this top-level sport and size your snow look today you target the m medal, and nobody else will take the field 'you.

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