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Canon play Little Red Riding Hood, a play agility and precision pr

Everyone connaiƮt the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but I'll still remember you quickly. This is the story of a little girl, the prettiest village, who one day brings her grand mother was a cake and a little pot of butter. Along the way she meets the wolf who does not want to eat due loggers that are not far away. Then he asked the Little Red Riding Hood where she goes.

Naive, she lays it r goes to her grandmother bring him a jar of butter and a cake. At the listening of this new pr precipitates the wolf at her grand mother and pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood. A little after the little girl knocked on the door, the wolf is this time go for the big mother and brought the Red Riding Hood and that any e astonished voice of her great mother. The wolf brought in bed and ate the little girl. You do not want that kind of thing happens, then in this game you must r cup rer all bonuses for the level of block sup laughing.

But do be careful not to touch the wolf because in this case the r he watched, and Little Red Riding Hood would eventually back into her belly.

How to Play a Canon Petit Chaperon Rouge?

Left click on start game and then play on the cake for to abut the game Collect the pieces of cake WITH Little Red Riding Hood by using your mouse.

D Install the barrel up and down to aim and left to right to adjust the power of your shot. Press the left button to power the little girl. Left click on next to continue and the arrow Circles or e again to restart.

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