Flash game Turkey Flying

Turkey Flying game of agility and launch

Flying D covers Turkey and have fun doing a launch turkey!

If you're a fan of fun and fun action games, then you're arrived at the right place. Turkey Flying is a small set of very funny ad share to cover faster on our portal online flash game. The principles of the game are very simple. In this flash game, you must throw a turkey as far as possible.

Flying Turkey has a very good maitris graphic universe and remains in the standards of the genre. If you're a fan of this type of gameplay, you'll have to quickly spend all the time it takes you to finish the game!

How to play a Flying Turkey?

To play Turkey Flying is very simple! To start the turkey, you'll have to use your mouse!

Left click you can fly your turkey and eat corn that will make you fly farther. The higher you fly, the more points you get. So since it is but makes you fly higher, you will have to eat a lot when you're high. Everything is a matter of pr precision and calculation.

You have to make sure you fly to a place full of power but swallow the maximum possible. As long as we do not expect the game to dazzle us with his story, he is a nice track with a pretty good r realization that offers a broad scope. The music is no exception and the sound effects that stick well to the visual environment. So if you're a fan of this kind of game or just a lover of action game, I can only advise you to try it right away without waiting for a second longer. D fed a party and see what gives the game Let's play and to cover of this great action game has your buddies!

Have fun!

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