Flash game Yeti Hammer Throw

Hammer Throw Yeti sports game and launch

Just try running the weight as far as possible in Yeti Hammer Throw, a great sports game and go!

You're a fan of the Olympic shot put discipline? You like to use your strength playing? You like to push your strength to the limits of the possible?

Then you might love this beautiful game hammer throw. "Yeti Hammer Throw" is a sports game. In this game you play the game you c lebre Olympic hammer throw. You must gather all your strength, distance and height combine to arrive at achieving the highest performance.

The principle of the game is simple. You put yourself in the shoes of a rather original character throwing the hammer. In covering of the character, the choice will seem obvious as to force in the genes. In any case, you should start weight thanks to its strength. To make him throw the weight we must first make him gain strength. For this is simple: you must press simultaneously ment and rhythm n Double Image keys fl ch es left and right keyboard.

After having alternated several times these two keys, you gain strength in your arms, then the launcher starts to turn the ball. Be careful not to lose again force after having gained some e, it would be counted as an error, and errors decrease your points, your game turns available.

How to play a Yeti Hammer Throw?

So make up the force gauge until the limit then help yourself to the fl e c key at the top to throw the ball. Now pay attention to the trajectory of the ball. The launch should take place in the area launched e, e marked with a red cross in the bottom right of the screen. So you must have the strength at its height, the well trajectory in the area launched e, then press the arrow at the top to start all. You have a total of 20 seconds to r Gler all parameters, and complete each run. If you do nothing spears in the time, you lose the turn and you pass to another.

Lance as far as possible, for maximum points. Good luck champ!

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