Flash game Soulmech Shinobu

Soulmech Shinobu fight in street fighter has the raw state!

If you like action games, you will find fun to try this great game where the world of the great warriors becomes yours. In this fighting game, you will not make war, nor for money or for power. You will fight tooth and nail to a noble cause, to save a brother of chu and wounded in combat.

In "Soulmech Sinoubou" into the skin of a young great warrior and go to the rescue of a confrere who was wounded in combat and can not return by its own in his. Evolved through a battle field winding, dotted with dangers and enemies. Use the keys fl ch es top keyboard, down, left and right to steer your warrior on the game plan March to bless the old warrior and tries to save him.

Be careful during your quest you will fall on enemies who will try to stop you, worse, kill you. Do not be put down and fight them, kill them all until the last. They regret having s interposed between you and your goal. Use the Z key on the keyboard to jump, X to attack your opponents, and C for you to defend and counter blows.

Take note of the bar of energy that is in the bottom right of your screen, it fills up and as you progress in the game D latch a powerful and lethal action when the bar is full energy by pressing up or down with your keyboard. Another gauge at the top of your screen. It represents feel your strength. Of it is empty, the game is nished. D coverest a world where terror only your strength allows you to survive. In "Soulmech sinoubou" nor pity nor compassion exist.

D truis all your enemies and save your friend rest on the field of battle, while you're still in force.

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