Flash game Whipsaw Fighter

Whipsaw Fighter fighting game street fighter

Enter a picnic in Whipsaw Fighter fighting, fighting game street fighter!

If you're a fan of fighting games, this game will most certainly your happiness. Do not let go, this game has nothing to do with fighting games STANDARDIZATION s you had to play so far, you do not fight supermen while muscles, boxers or high level , you will cross a fist with a green monster, who master all kinds of fighting styles. "Whipsaw Fighter" is a fighting game where you must face your opponent by giving him punches, kicks, and lashes. Entering this game, enters the world of amateur fights pikes, and measure yourself to an opponent just as the rod bravest fighters. Gives a good lesson to this pile of green glue which is believed to be the world's strongest in combat, where it refers it comes to the point he will regret to be released before size is a measure has you. In "whipsaw fighter" you will play against an opponent, a fervent, a freak fight.

How to play a Whipsaw Fighter?

You have to initially choose the s series of shots you want to give. You can choose between the kick, punch, whip or blocking. After having chosen the following, press Go, and the fight will be played in advance, you will not have to look at the end result r to see if you get more points. These green monsters may have thick skin, so as to begin immediately to give mortal blows.

You'll bluff seeing the energy that d Ferle on your tough warrior. Gather your strength, do the right combination and begins a real battle worthy vt ran combatants. Good luck to you!

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