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Batman Super Moto, forever more rapidity

Welcome to the most dangerous city in America Am, Arcam City is full of monsters jant s like the Joker or the Penguin who want to sit their ill-cific powers over the citizenry. They are more dangerous as each other and Batman that he is a great millionaire goal to stop all regardless of price. For this it has a huge laboratory and many all faster and more efficient vehicles v. Today it is with Bat Moto, a technological marvel that you'll be there and will have to be brave because it can reach speeds that you do not even imagine. But do not forget to pick up the bats the way to win the maximum power point and thus have a drive that borders with perfection. Pass from level to level and advance more quickly, the streets are Arcam City p rilleuses and full of traps so be careful do not find you a backwards, it would oblige you to start until it reaches perfection . Batman is a ros h will cross the centuries, come participate in the r Success through the levels one by one and successfully that allow it to be more efficient to always stop over m always singing more crazy!

How did Batman Super Moto?

Click left on continuous play and then 1 d abut the game Driver Batmoto Batman using the directional arrows on the keyboard: arrow up = access the rer, arrow down = backward, right arrow = lift the wheel rear of the bike, arrow left = Lift the front wheel. Click on left next level to pursue and achieve ever more complex levels.

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