Flash game Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention game action adventure

D Divine Intervention and book covers a city Satan turns people into zombies!

For all fans of action adventure games, come to cover this exciting game that will immerse you in another universe that has a lot of suspense. You live in a city where the people you are very expensive and that you accounts.

Unfortunately the people of your city are poss ds by Satan and need you to do the n necessary to bail them out as soon as possible. The role that you have is that of a man of church. People do not come to the church to get b ne and chaos reigns in the city. So the premise of the game wants by divine intuition that you can save the city from the hands of Satan shots uzi gun and magnum. You must be strong and clever with your weapon and go to deliver the city that is under the influence of this satanic force for a long time.

How to play a Divine Intervention?

The goal of the game you will have a section titled e "Help" that will show you all the tricks and m mechanisms of the game to go after this mission is to save the city as soon as possible. For d abut the massacre, click the "Play" button. Then, instead of your mouse to aim and shoot the inhabitants of s poss. The D button allows you to move, the A key to decline, the spacebar to jump and S key kneel.

Do not wait for more to cover this fantastic and exciting adventure to save your city. At the graphics of the game, just the stage gives an overview of the sharpness of graphics and sound effects that are adapted s. Rare to see a landscape as well and characters as addictive as those in this game! Good luck!

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