Flash game Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl girl game, puzzle, dress, makeup and dressing

D covers the girls game, r bending, makeover, makeup and dress Beautiful Girl and revamps a shy girl from head to toe!

You love playing with your brain and make you the head, here's a super fun flash game that you'll probably like if you give yourself a try. Beautiful Girl (Pretty Girl) is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion. This game is about you with this free flash game site online.

The principles of this game are simple and the game is a very good playability. In this game, you play a very pretty girl like e evoked by the title. The girl in question is called Nathalie. Nathalie is a very sad girl because she is very shy. She does not like the look and want to change to feel better about herself but she needs your help. Friends are made to help each other is not it?

You must help him find the one that suits him best. Selected with it, color of eyes, hair, makeup, jewelry and fashion accessories and she will be happy thanks to you. Beautiful Girl is a beautiful and subtle puzzle where the attainment as artistic director is breathtaking.

How to play a Beautiful Girl?

The controls are really very simple to learn and it's really agr able.

We are left with a game that m lange, Use Strategy, address, agility and r flexion. You'll certainly be delighted. The evolution is pretty fast and are made of many. The interface is clear and the overall look of the game is very well done. In short, the game quickly becomes addictive! A sick part immediately see how far you will lead this superb album.

If you're a fan of games like that or just a big fan of flash game, tired of immediately a part by clicking on the image of the game Have fun!

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