Flash game Hole in One

Hole in One a new way to move the ball in golf

Sport n BLINDNESS physical effort on the part of the person who exercises. It is subdivided into several disciplines such as football basketball, ice hockey, tennis, golf. Many games based on the sport and this is the case of sports game Hole In One.

The Hole In One Golf is a game whose main objective is based on the fact of putting the golf ball in the hole in one. Completes a circuit course not similar to others in a single shot. Its main sports game like no other goal is simple: put the ball in the hole in one shot. Your system selects among three magnificent circuits: Grassy Knoll in the middle of lawn and trees, Sandy Links in the middle of the lawn and sand bunker and Water Feature in the middle of the lawn and small water lagoons. Each circuit is composed of a channel that rotates continuously on a hard pitch.

The turn of the circle are class s three holes each with its own number of points consistent. Based on more or less buttons for faster or to slow the rotation of the circle in question. Of the moment you feel it, now click on the space bar and releasing at the right time to hit the golf Boulle in the channel so that it has parte instantaneous ment in the hole.

If Boulle enters the hole, you score the number of points which is pr cis of the hole. For d abut the game, choose your tour then click the Play This Level button. Come and join other fans of the sport as known, and become the Tigger Woods this game Good luck to you.

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